Where Are The Constituents With Pre-Existing Conditions?

Listening to the news in 2009, everyone would be expected to accept there 20 million uninsured (or 35 million, or more) people looking for health care insurance alternatives.   Led to believe most of these are uninsurable because of pre-existing conditions clauses in the evil health insurance industry policies, we were fed the story that Big Government is the only answer for these presumed millions of poor souls.

So Health and Human Services (HHS) started a program to catch the uninsurable.   Expecting 375,000 applicants in the first year, the actual number was 8,011.

Who thought Big Government was so smart!

Next in the story, watch for the HHS spin on these numbers.  This debate has never been about the cost of health care, or even about the cost of health insurance.  The debate is over government subjugation of the electorate.


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