“Obama Teleprompter” Links

Obama’s Teleprompter Obscures Supreme Court Nominee
It wasn’t until President Obama stepped aside and the teleprompters slid down, that Judge Sotomayor came into full view. Her remarks were spoken from paper …

JAMES P. PINKERTON: Obama May Not Be Able to Dismantle North …
If that can-do-ism seems to be in short supply now, that’sa mission for Obama and his TelePrompTer. America needs a plan for its own defense and the defense …

Poll: The more Dick Cheney talks, the more Americans seem to like him
Los Angeles Times Blogs – Los Angeles,CA,USA
… on a par with the presidential address of Obama defending his own policies with the Constitution and Bill of Rights encased right near the TelePrompter. …

Exclusive: Obama Finally Tells the Truth
Family Security Matters – Ridgewood,NJ,USA
Barack Obama betrays his ignorance when he’s off the teleprompter, and when he enters into flights of fancy while on the teleprompter. The pathetic fact is, …

Scoring the Obama -Ahmadinejad Debate
Canada Free Press – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
According to the same sleazy source, the sole pre-conditions from Obama would be that accommodations be made for his teleprompter and that all discussions, …


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