Ghost Writer for Obama's "Dreams"?

World Net Daily had noted some odd facts about Obama’s Dreams of My Father back in October 2008:

But since July, Cashill has unveiled in a dozen columns, summarized here, his compelling evidence that the co-founder of the radical Weather Underground group – dismissed by Obama as “just a guy who lives in my neighborhood” – shaped and refined the book with his exceptional writing skill and radical ideas.

Now, Jack follows up at American Thinker:

I dedicate what follows to Matthews and those willfully blind souls like him.  It is a work in progress, a collective one at that, aided and abetted by nearly a score of volunteer co-conspirators from Hawaii to Ohio to Israel to Australia.  The thesis is simple enough: Barack Obama needed substantial help to write his 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father.  Moreover, unlike Sarah Palin, Obama chose to conceal the identity of his collaborator and not without good reason. To admit that he needed a collaborator would have undercut his campaign for president and to reveal the name of that collaborator would have ended it.

Jack takes his readers through step by step.  Read it all.


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