Tired of Obama Bashing the USA?

So is Paul over at Powerline:

Obama has already done as much America-bashing in a little more than two months as Carter and Clinton did in their entire presidencies. Moreover, if memory serves, neither Clinton nor even Carter went hat-in-hand to our sworn enemies, as Obama has done with Iran.

And our “Pass the Buck” President will always fall back on that familiar scapegoat:

Second, Obama hopes to shift blame for any inability to obtain cooperation from foreign leaders to that familiar target, President Bush.

Not that Obama sees anything in America to be proud of:

Third, maybe Obama just doesn’t like the America that existed prior to January 20 of this year, and feels compelled to say so. I think it’s clear that, indeed, Obama didn’t much like America as it was until it had the wisdom to elect him. One doesn’t attend the sermons of the America-hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright year-in and year-out if you think well of the United States. An even clearer glimpse into Obama’s real view about our country was offered when Michelle Obama declared that, until the rise of her husband, America had done nothing of which she was proud. Obama defended the statement as it applied to our politics.


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